Friday, February 20, 2015

February Dinner Meeting

Notice of Changes Voted in by the Membership-February 18, 2015 Dinner Meeting

The membership was offered an opportunity for discussion of both the $5 fee for non-dinner guests and the one-time “processing fee” for new members.  Many members gave their opinions on these issues.

The membership voted overwhelmingly to APPROVE the $5 admission fee for members not willing or able to order dinners.  This $5 fee is effective immediately and will be enforced at the door.  Even with a “no” vote from members who were unhappy with the fee, but did not attend the February dinner meeting, the result would have been the same.   It was a substantial majority for a “yes” vote.
If the $5 fee is a hardship for any member, please contact your President or Vice President with the assurance of discretion and we will address the matter.

The membership also voted on the one-time processing fee for new members and it will no longer be charged.  Any new member who paid the fee may contact the club treasurer and request a refund.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your board is now able to put this behind us and work on the many important conservation issues that we are engaged in.

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