Monday, February 16, 2015

RFF Members

To all RFF members from your 2015 Board of Directors- 
Last year, in response to issues raised by club members, the board initiated a $5 fee for admittance to the club dinners for folks who didn’t want to purchase a meal.  Here are some things you need to know about the dinners:
  1. We don’t pay a separate charge for the room. The dinners sold cover the rental of the room.  If we don’t sell dinners, we cannot use the room.
  2. Tables are set based on the number of dinners ordered.
  3. We have seen a decline in number of dinners sold.
  4. Members who paid for dinners complained that seating was taken by non-paying guests making it difficult to find a seat.
  5. Since we can’t utilize an RSVP system, we never know how many dinners we will need. We estimate each month based on popularity of the program and time of year.

The  $5 “no dinner fee” was a way to address the issues listed above as well as keep the venue satisfied since many of the non-dinner guests were helping themselves to coffee and/or dessert without paying.  We have decided to abolish the $5 fee but will have to address any lost revenue by taking whatever we are short out of the general funds – monies we were safeguarding for our conservation work.  If the membership wants to have dinner meetings, the membership needs to support that by purchasing dinners.  

Because this question is bound to be asked, we have continuously checked out other possible venue locations but have not found any other venue that works for our club.

The board has also decided to eliminate the one-time $10 processing fee for new members which helped offset the cost of the introduction packet and club patch.  This loss of revenue will also be covered by the general fund as needed.  Anyone who paid the $10 fee can request a refund from the club treasurer.

Our decisions should please the members unhappy with these fees.  Your board will continue to be fiscally responsible with whatever funds we are working with.

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