Saturday, June 13, 2015

Need your help, Monday 6/15

We've gotten word that some anti-dam removal folks are trying to organize people for the county hearing this Monday June 15 at 1:30 pm when they will consider a permit needed for the removal of Fielder Dam. Would you be able to attend to show local support for the dam removal? I've pasted the info below. I've also attached a fact sheet specific to Fielder Dam, since this  permit is for that structure. 

Please feel free to invite any other anglers who might want to attend and  say a few words of support.

 Thanks, Jim

 Jim McCarthy
 Communications Director & S. Oregon Program Manager
 WaterWatch of Oregon
 PO Box 261
 Ashland, OR

 Event Date(s):
 Monday, June 15, 2015       

 Courthouse Auditorium
 10 South Oakdale Avenue
 Medford, OR 97501               
 Event Type:        Public Hearing
 Details:        Consideration of the Planning Department’s tentative 
 approval of an application for a Type 2 Floodplain Development Permit (FP) 
 authorizing the removal of Fielder Dam, the associated fish ladder and 
 abandoned bridge materials as a fish enhancement project, on a 20.81 acre 
 parcel, zoned Woodland Resource (WR) on tax lot 200 and Rural Residential 
 (RR-2.5) and Woodland Resource (WR) on tax lot 205, located at 3316 West 
 Evans Cr. Rd., Rogue River.  The property is further described as Township 
 36 South, Range 4 West, Section 04, Tax Lots 200 & 205.  The application 
 was submitted by Brian D. Barr, Geos Institute, 89 Alder St., Central 
 Point, OR 97502. The request for Public Hearing was submitted by: Rod 
 Crume, 3855 W. Evans Cr. Rd., Rogue River, OR 97537.  File No: 

 Starts:        1:30 PM
 Ends:        3:30 PM
 Sponsor:        Development Services
 Contact:        Mike Mattson by phone at 541-774-6937.

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