Friday, February 19, 2016

Senator Alan Bates

Harry Foster has been going to all the meetings about the suction dredging and giving his full support to stopping the dredging.  Harry wrote a letter to the Senator to encourage him in his efforts to stop the dredging.  The Senator has been leading the fight and has done an amazing job.  The senator sent this nice reply to Harry.  When you see Harry give him an attaboy.  Hint, he also likes beer.

Dear Harry Foster,

Thank you for reaching out to my office about protecting Oregon’s rivers, streams, and salmon. I stand with you in your commitment and passion to protect our rivers; I too looked at including a full moratorium. Threading our value into a legal structure that is strong and defensible in court is the foundation for making good laws. The suction dredge mining regulations as outlined in SB 1530 takes critical action which Oregon needs to protect our beautiful streams and rivers and their many inhabitants. I hope you can support its passage.

Please feel free to contact my office by email or at (503) 986-1703 if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

In Health,
Senator Alan Bates

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