Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dues, Directory, Meeting Reminder

Reminder to Pay Dues

As with many organizations, dues are the “life blood” of the organization and the Rogue Flyfishers Club is no exception.   Dues are critical to provide the month to month services offered by the club and lack of them causes difficulties in planning for the future.
As the club is preparing to print the annual Membership Directory, it is noted that a rather large percentage of people who were members last year have not yet paid their dues for this year.  If you are someone who falls in that category, please take a moment to write a check and become current for this year.  It is vitally important for the health of the club.  Failure to pay dues by April 15 will eliminate your name and information from being included in the printed Club Membership Directory and you will no longer receive the monthly club newsletter. 

Membership Directory

The annual printed Membership Directory will be available by early May.  After two years of not displaying members email addresses, this year’s Directory will include them.  Email has become a very familiar and easy way for people to communicate with one another and there have been many requests to bring this feature back to our Directory. The Board unanimously decided it was proper to do so.  The Directory is given to club members only and never to members of the public at large, so there is very little concern about misuse of it.
That said, if you are a member who would prefer not to have your email address in the Directory, you can request that it not be printed by notifying the membership chairman, John Bjorkholm, either by phone, or, ironically, by email.


Wednesday March 16, 2016

The Point Pub & Grill

311 E. Pine St., Central Point

Wet Fly 5:45 - 6:45 p.m.

Dinner and raffle at 6:45 PM

Dinner Tickets $22
Dinner Special:
Dinner and 4 Tickets for $25.00
Dinner and 12 Tickets for $30.00

 The Speaker will be:  Jason Atkinson

Jason Atkinson is a filmmaker, an author, and a public servant. After 14 years in the Oregon Legislature he took a sabbatical to make the film “A River Between Us.” He is a Rodel Fellow with the Aspen Institute, a commentator and speaker on a wide range of issues, and consults in the corporate sector as well as serves on various boards. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Men’s Journal, Field and Stream to name a few.
 Please join us in welcoming Jason Atkinson.

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