Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highlights of April Board Meeting

Summer Schedule: We discussed the various options for the club’s summer schedule. We have traditionally had a picnic meeting in July and more recently in June. But attendance has been declining steadily in recent years. Having a Holy Water outing was discussed but tabled for the time being. The club has already scheduled a wine social for the August meeting. The Board recommended having a regular meeting in June, and not have monthly a meeting in July or August, with the exception of the wine social.
Correspondence: Jack reviewed a thoughtful letter from a club member regarding how to structure the raffle. After discussing pros and cons, it was decided that 1 raffle ticket would be given for contributing a fly or flies for the sheepskin but not one a ticket for each fly. Sale of raffle tickets will be split off from sale of dinners. Keith Hardcastle has agreed to run the raffle and he will have a table with a cash box. Raffle items will be picked up in advance and displayed on the table. The club will not purchase wine or beer for the raffle but members can contribute such items if they wish. Tickets can be purchased during the meeting up until the time of the drawing. Keith will handle the drawing and can do a bucket raffle if he wishes.
The cost of the tickets will be:
                 $1 each -  1 to 4 tickets
                 $5              6 tickets
                  $10          13 tickets
                  $20          30 tickets


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