Sunday, May 22, 2016

Project Healing Waters

Greetings Rogue Flyfishers

I am the Project Healing Waters Program Lead for the Area.
Twice a year we hold a class “Fly Fishing 101” for lack of a better description. We hold 4 training sessions teaching vets attending the rehabilitation Center in White City.  Each session runs about two hours and incorporates classroom material and about 1 hour of casting practice.  On the 5th meeting we take the vets out on the water for a day of fishing. This year we have a high number of vets and rather than trying to put 10 boats on the Rogue we are going to take them to Lake Selmac.

I am looking for folks that are willing to take one or two vets out in their boat and also provide a little “fishing coaching”.  We will meet at Lake Selmac at the boat ramp about 9 AM on June 10th. I will be providing sandwiches for lunch to take out in the boats and we are trying to secure catering at the “Trout” shelter in the evening for all.
If you are interested in helping these vets enjoy a day on the water or just want more information, please contact me. I have some boats at this point but am still in need of a few more.

John Storfold
Project Healing Waters
Program Lead
400 Williamson Loop
Grants Pass, OR 97526


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