Sunday, June 12, 2016

Highlights June Board of Directors Meeting

Bylaws Revision: Tom Collett gave his report on proposed revisions to the bylaws and how the blog is used. Until recently the club was using Vertical Response to communicate with members online. More recently, Tom set up a blog for that purpose, to which members can sign up via the website. The blog was discussed because Tom’s policy has been to post whatever is sent to him by members without screening or editing, and recently a member had sent Tom an email touting the member’s books on Amazon. The books were unrelated to the club’s mission, and the president thought it inappropriate that advertisements of that nature go out on the club blog. After discussion back and forth, it was agreed that postings on the blog must relate to the mission of the Rogue Fly Fishers.
Tom brought with him for discussion a true copy of the club’s bylaws as posted on the website, and also copies reflecting his proposed revisions. There was considerable discussion about the existing bylaws and the need for changes, which is undisputed. After it became apparent that the topic was too large for this meeting, it was tabled until the September meeting.
MembershipWe now have "New Member" tags to be taped below the name tags of new members. New members will be asked to wear them for the first three months before removing them to help us become acquainted.
Conservation Committee Report: John Ward presented the board with very helpful handouts on enforcement of the ban on suction dredging that is now in effect through the end of 2020. The Oregon State Police have a hot line (541-776-6111) to report violations, but we should first check possible violations against DEQ’s interactive map to see if the operation is taking place in a prohibited area. Suction dredging is still permitted on some streams. There is a link to the DEQ map on the upper right hand corner of the home page of
WISE Project: Jack Patterson said there has not been a meeting of WISE project during the past month. The WISE project envisions replacing the current irrigation canals with an enclosed pipeline to distribute water, which will save an estimated 40% of the water resource which is currently lost to evaporation and leakage. The ultimate questions is what happens to the 40%? The irrigation districts will undoubtedly want to increase the acreage they serve, whereas the club and Water Watch want it kept in the streams for fish.
Summer ScheduleThere will be a regular club meeting in June. Will has rescheduled the July speaker for the June meeting, which will be about small mouth bass fishing. There will not be a club meeting in July, and there will not be a board meeting unless some unforeseen need arises. The wine social will take the place of the regular club meeting in August 13th, for which tickets must be paid in advance.
Outings: Dave H. reviewed the schedule for outings as follows:
Upper Williamson - June 15-20 - led by John Ward
N. Fork Sprague River - July 11-14 - led by John Ward
Upper Sacramento - July 30 - led by Will Johnson

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