Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Very Special New Year Event

New Years Day Chili Contest at the Holy Water aka Rivers Edge Park.

Event Leader:  Kieth Hardcastle  (Contact info  541-878-1471)

Bring a pot of chili, or cornbread, or other side item, and sometimes we can be tempted by sweets. 

The Details;  Two fly fishing clubs, the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers (SOFF) and the Rogue Flyfishers (RFF) will participate.

At 10:00 will be the kindling of the fire and the commencement of the entertainment.  Fish stories will most likely be rife.  Fish if you like or be a wuss and stand by the fire and tell everyone that you forgot to purchase a fishing license.

At noon, more or less, we will begin sampling the chili.  And remember, it is a contest.  Voting will determine the winner.  Last year Harry Foster lobbied very hard for his chili but lost to Tanya Haight.  This year Harry thinks he has his chance since Tanya won’t be there.  This might turn into the Harry Foster Challenge.

The chili must be of your own device and cannot be something you just dumped from a can.  You cannot move or hide the chili of another contestant.

This is a no-no!    

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