Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Albany Expo Classes

Hello IFFF Member,

We hope that you are beginning to think about the spring time and fly fishing. The purpose of this email is to share all of the great fly casting opportunities at the NW Fly Fishing Expo held on March 10 & 11, 2017  at the Linn County Expo Center, Albany, OR  9AM-5PM Daily.

For anyone who has attended, they know the NW Fly Fishing Expo has a reputation for offering a large number of classes, casting demonstrations, and continuous fly tying demonstrations. Each year improvements are made to the fly casting venues to make it one of the best opportunities on the west coast to pursue your fly casting skills.  Please take a moment to check out the opportunities.

Fly Casting Classes – Regardless of your skill level there is a class to take your casting skills to a new level.  A few examples of this year’s classes:
  • A Better Way to Roll Cast - This class is open to all skill levels. This class teaches proper casting mechanics to form a dynamite roll cast. Class will focus on good form and go over common faults of the cast.
  • Using Video as a Teaching Tool for Fly Casting Instruction – Discover the skill and knowledge necessary to use a video camera as a teaching tool. You will learn about equipment, camera position, support equipment, and effective background and sun position.
  • Teaching Fly Casting – This class is for the non-certified fly club members that teach fly casting at club meetings, CFR, or PHW. Learn the basic skills and knowledge to successful teach fly casting
Continuous Casting Demonstration – We are so excited that this year we will have a casting area staffed continuously with Certified Casting Instructors showcasing world class casting. This is your opportunity to observe and ask questions in a very intimate setting. If you were ever awed by a fly tyer demonstration, we are sure you will be awed by the casting.

Casting Certification - Ever thought about becoming certified? Why not? The IFFF is the only national organization that offers a certification in casting. Click here to learn more about Casting Certifications.  On Friday there will be the Casting Certification testing. If you are interested contact Mary Ann Dozer at

Hope to see you at the NW Fly Fishing Expo.

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