Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LNG and FERC Open House

The Canadian Company Veresen are FERC and holding an open house jointly.  This would seem to be a shift in FERC that had already denied the pipeline.  Now is the time to show up and ask the real questions, the hard questions.  Questions like the following;

  • ·      Why are landowners being offered such low and ridiculous amounts of money for diminishing the value of their lands?
  • ·      What country is financing the pipeline?
  • ·      What country is producing the steel for the pipeline?
  • ·      What country is fabricating the pipe and other components of the pipeline and terminal?
  • ·      The Coos Bay Harbor is to be dredged to bring in the components for the pipeline so what country are the ships coming from?
  • ·      Would you want this pipeline close to your house where you and your children sleep?
Rogue Riverkeeper has once again taken the lead on this issue.  Lets get out and support them.  Below is their message.  Click here for some history on the pipeline.

Jordan Cove & FERC to Hold Open House in Medford

Veresen, the company behind the Jordan Cove LNG export proposal for southern Oregon, will be holding an informational Open House with staff from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) March 9th, in Medford. It's time for opposition to turn out!

Jordan Cove/FERC Open House
Thursday March 9th, 4PM - 8PM
New Date, 

Thursday March 23rd, 4PM - 8PM

(Rally outside between 4 & 6PM)

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