Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Diamond Lake Outing

Steve Day and Keith Hardcastle organized the June outing to Diamond Lake in such a way that one couldn't help wondering how they did it all.  Saturday morning started with Breakfast Burritos coming forth from the "Cocina de Keith", at the south ramp.  Then a group picture and off to the fishing.  After a tiring day of fishing, we all came together at the Steve and Keith campsite for a good old fashioned pot luck.  Chef Day was all over the grill calling out names and words like medium rare all the while manufacturing a cloud of smoke to match the event.  Plenty of libations with the banter and smiles to match.  Did we have a good time?  What do you think?  Good job Steve and Keith!
Saturday before the launch

You have been there and you love it or you gotta go!

Would you believe a Midge hatch?

The reel appears to be okay.

Saturday night

Oh yes, we did fish.

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