Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sad News

Longtime member of the Rogue Flyfishers, Jim Harleman, has passed away.  The email below was sent to the club by his friend and fellow member, Clint Brumitt.  Jim was a great guy and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Fellow anglers;

This morning(1:30 AM) I got a call from Jim's wife, Kathy, informing me that Jim had not returned home from a fishing trip to the Williamson River
He had given the names of two people, me being one of them, who would know where he is in case he did not return on time.

I could not sleep after that so by 2:00AM, I was up and getting dressed and by 3:00 AM  I was on the road to the Williamson.  I arrived around 6:30 and soon found his truck stuck in a big mud puddle.  I honked hoping to wake him up and have him put on his waders so I could tow him out.  When that did not work I walked up to the driver’s side and it looked like he was sleeping.  It was his nap pose.  However, when he did not respond I stepped on the mud and opened his door.  It was evident at that moment that this was Jim's last fishing trip.

I felt sadness in his passing but also a deep sense of joy in the fact that he had over a 38 year period enriched my life and lives of so many that he came in contact with.  The family is planning the services and more info will be coming to you in near future.
Keep your hearts warm, you are so very special in your own right.

Clint Brumitt

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