Friday, December 8, 2017

Sen Merkley Opposes Jordan Cove LNG!

Good News!!!!!

This is a repost from Riverkeeper.  Riverkeeper was an effective leader in the effort to stop suction dredging and were a key player to a successful conclusion.  I wasn't easy, but it was worth it. 
Riverkeeper has been a staunch ally and leader in the LNG battle.  We need Riverkeeper to work with  so we together can stop this pipeline.  The Rogue Flyfishers in the December board meeting decided to give full support and  partner with Riverkeeper to stop this pipeline.  This is something we have already been doing but now we are putting it in writing for everyone to see.

Robyn, Rogue Riverkeeper <>
Dec 8 at 8:10 AM

Senator Merkley Opposes Jordan Cove LNG Project! 

In a surprising and welcome move, Senator Jeff Merkley announced his opposition to the proposed Jordan Cove LNG export project on Thursday night with a Guest Opinion published in the Mail Tribune.

"But I cannot turn away from the knowledge that, like other large-scale fossil fuel projects, Jordan Cove will contribute massively to pollution that is profoundly damaging our state and our world. Generations from now, our grandchildren will wonder why we continued to burn fossil fuels when the catastrophic consequences were so evident.

Thus, it becomes clear that we have to shift from building large-scale fossil fuel infrastructure, including Jordan Cove, and instead invest massively in building the enormous backlog of infrastructure projects that will improve our state and nation, not damage it."

Read the entire Guest Opinion here.

This is a strong message from the Oregon senator, but we are not out of the woods yet.

Senator Merkley's position will help immensely as we move forward through the permitting and regulatory processes and add additional pressure on Oregon's Governor Brown to take a stand. We have our work cut out for us against multi-billion dollar corporate interests. But Senator Merkley's message is encouraging and helpful and we can't thank him enough. 

Thank Senator Merkley for opposing the Jordan Cove LNG Project!
Click here to send him an email o
r call his southern Oregon office at 
(541) 608-9102.

Rogue Riverkeeper is working with a large, statewide coalition to stop the Jordan Cove project but we need your help! Donate today to support our work and say NO LNG, NO PIPLINE! 

Thank you for your support!
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