Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Project Healing Waters

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good News on Suction Dredging

Mark Freeman has written an article in the Mail Tribune today. 

  • Judge tosses miners' attempt to block dredging moratorium

    • By Mark Freeman
      Mail Tribune 

      Posted Mar. 25, 2016 at 1:25 PM
      Updated Mar 25, 2016 at 2:40 PM 

      A federal judge today upheld Oregon's five-year moratorium on suction-dredge mining in wild salmon habitat when he tossed out a suit filed by miners who argued federal laws trump state environmental rules.
      Continue reading here www.mailtribune.com/article/20160325/NEWS/160329753

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016

    Blow Out Sale of Fly Tying Materials

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                                          ROLLIN’ DOWN THE RIVER” DINNER & AUCTION

                                                                                              MAY 14, 2016

                                        LOCATION: THE POINT PUB & GRILL (UP STAIRS)
                                    311 E. PINE ST, CENTRAL POINT, OREGON

     You must RESERVE your seat and select your dinner, Sirloin, Salmon, Chicken, or Special Diet Plate. We will be having an early bird drawing for those who reserve their seat before April 1st. You can Reserve your seat by emailing Mike Masters at mmasters2243@charter.net and then write a check to Rogue Fly Fishers for $25.00 and mail it to
    Mike Masters, 2591 Savannah Dr. Central Point, OR 97502

    The seating is limited to 85 people maximum, 24 seats are sold so far. So get with the program.

    Special Thank You’s go out to all who have donate monies to help offset the expenses for the Auction. We have several names to date on our honor board:
    Chinook Donors                Steelhead Donors             Cutthroat
    Walline Foster*                  Jan Rowe                             Kirk Kowalke
    Harry Foster                                    Dennis Dedrick                  Theresa Schumacher
    John MacDiarmid              Kurt Engstrom                   Mike Masters
    Jim Harleman                      Mary Desmit
    John Ward                          Carl Schneiderman
    Tom Collett

    Brook Trout
    Michael Smith
    Don Dabney

    It’s not too late to pitch in, just contact Mike Masters at above email

    Saturday, March 12, 2016


    This message is for those of you who prefer to order a vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free meal at the monthly dinner meetings.  The Point will accommodate such requests but they require an advance notification.  If you are requesting a special meal, please contact Theresa Schumacher by email tms1910@icloud.com or by phone (541) 702-2153 to make your request.  But your order must be in by Tuesday afternoon, the day before our Wednesday dinner meetings.  This will apply to all monthly dinner meetings. Thank you for your cooperation.

    FERC Denies Jordan Cove Project!!

    Huge Victory! FERC Denies the Jordan Cove Project! 

    Today we received amazing news that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has denied the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal in Coos Bay and its associated Pacific Connector Pipeline! This is a huge victory for our campaign, landowners, and the state of Oregon. 
    Here is the link to FERC's statement today http://www.ferc.gov/CalendarFiles/20160311154932-CP13-483-000.pdf
    Below are the basis for their decision. 
    "Because the record does not support a finding that the public benefits of the Pacific Connector Pipeline outweigh the adverse effects on landowners, we deny Pacific Connector’s request for certificate authority to construct and operate its project, as well as the related blanket construction and transportation certificate applications.
    Because the record does not support a finding that the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal can operate to liquefy and export LNG absent the Pacific Connector Pipeline, we find that authorizing its construction would be inconsistent with the public interest. Therefore, we also deny Jordan Cove’s request for authorization to site, construct and operate the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal."
    A large coalition of organizations, concerned citizens, landowners, climate activists, conservationists, business owners and more have worked tirelessly to raise awareness around this misled proposal. The campaign has grown hugely over the last year making this project one of the most controversial fossil fuel export proposals in the country. 
    While there will be more to do in the coming months, this decision is a huge win for our campaign! Thank you to all who wrote comments, attended hearings and meetings, came to events, made phone calls, donated money, and simply cared. People power has made all the difference. 
    We will keep you posted on next steps but for now...we celebrate!
    Thank you!

    Bloggers comment.  Rogue Riverkeerer has done an outstanding job in leading the fight to stop this pipeline and terminal.  This is an organization worthy of support from all of us. This success proves that it can be done.

    Thursday, March 10, 2016

    Dues, Directory, Meeting Reminder

    Reminder to Pay Dues

    As with many organizations, dues are the “life blood” of the organization and the Rogue Flyfishers Club is no exception.   Dues are critical to provide the month to month services offered by the club and lack of them causes difficulties in planning for the future.
    As the club is preparing to print the annual Membership Directory, it is noted that a rather large percentage of people who were members last year have not yet paid their dues for this year.  If you are someone who falls in that category, please take a moment to write a check and become current for this year.  It is vitally important for the health of the club.  Failure to pay dues by April 15 will eliminate your name and information from being included in the printed Club Membership Directory and you will no longer receive the monthly club newsletter. 

    Membership Directory

    The annual printed Membership Directory will be available by early May.  After two years of not displaying members email addresses, this year’s Directory will include them.  Email has become a very familiar and easy way for people to communicate with one another and there have been many requests to bring this feature back to our Directory. The Board unanimously decided it was proper to do so.  The Directory is given to club members only and never to members of the public at large, so there is very little concern about misuse of it.
    That said, if you are a member who would prefer not to have your email address in the Directory, you can request that it not be printed by notifying the membership chairman, John Bjorkholm, either by phone, or, ironically, by email.


    Wednesday March 16, 2016

    The Point Pub & Grill

    311 E. Pine St., Central Point

    Wet Fly 5:45 - 6:45 p.m.

    Dinner and raffle at 6:45 PM

    Dinner Tickets $22
    Dinner Special:
    Dinner and 4 Tickets for $25.00
    Dinner and 12 Tickets for $30.00

     The Speaker will be:  Jason Atkinson

    Jason Atkinson is a filmmaker, an author, and a public servant. After 14 years in the Oregon Legislature he took a sabbatical to make the film “A River Between Us.” He is a Rodel Fellow with the Aspen Institute, a commentator and speaker on a wide range of issues, and consults in the corporate sector as well as serves on various boards. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Men’s Journal, Field and Stream to name a few.
     Please join us in welcoming Jason Atkinson.

    Monday, March 7, 2016


    The March Newsletter is available on the website.

    Tuesday, March, 8th

    The RFF club has had several donations of fly tying materials and have too much inventory for the upcoming RFF auction in May. So, we've decided to have some blow out sales to reduce inventory and give you a chance at some great bargains.

    This will be some of the lower priced goods, but lots of it and a good variety.
    It will be mostly materials and hooks, with a few fishing items here and there.
    This month will be Glenn McBride's items and next month will be Dick Bonamarte's items.

    Big fly tying materials blow out sale at SOFT.
    Tuesday, March 8, from 4 PM until 6 PM, just before the regular SOFT meeting.
    Prices will be adjusted so that everything will sell, but please remember that it all goes to a good cause.
    The regular SOFT meeting will begin at 6 PM, or earlier if we sell out.

    Any questions?  deheath504@gmail.com


    Take the Gold Hill exit, #40, off of I-5 and go west, toward Jacksonville, 1.3 miles, until you reach the Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park on the right. After turning right into the mobile home park, proceed to the community building which is located about 100 yards ahead on the left. The address is 8401 Old Stage Rd.