Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Outing

Winter Steelhead on the Lower Rogue

For fly anglers in the Pacific Northwest, fishing in January usually means targeting winter steelhead. Unfortunately for us in the Rogue Valley, few winter steelhead have typically reached our section of the River. If we want to find good numbers of fish, we must head for the coast. For our outing on January 28 and 29, we will do just that—we will go to the lower Rogue River near Gold Beach.
On Saturday, the 28th, we will meet for breakfast at 8:00 AM at the Indian Creek Cafe located a short distance upstream of Hwy 101 on the south side of the Rogue River (94682 Jerry's Flat Road). If you don't want to eat breakfast, join us there by 9:00 AM.
  There are also a variety of other fishing options in the area.
Due to the uncertainty of river conditions during the winter, be sure to check the club's website before you leave for the outing to see if we had to make any last-minute changes.
David Haight, Outings Chair

An example of what you may catch

Albany Expo Classes

Hello IFFF Member,

We hope that you are beginning to think about the spring time and fly fishing. The purpose of this email is to share all of the great fly casting opportunities at the NW Fly Fishing Expo held on March 10 & 11, 2017  at the Linn County Expo Center, Albany, OR  9AM-5PM Daily.

For anyone who has attended, they know the NW Fly Fishing Expo has a reputation for offering a large number of classes, casting demonstrations, and continuous fly tying demonstrations. Each year improvements are made to the fly casting venues to make it one of the best opportunities on the west coast to pursue your fly casting skills.  Please take a moment to check out the opportunities.

Fly Casting Classes – Regardless of your skill level there is a class to take your casting skills to a new level.  A few examples of this year’s classes:
  • A Better Way to Roll Cast - This class is open to all skill levels. This class teaches proper casting mechanics to form a dynamite roll cast. Class will focus on good form and go over common faults of the cast.
  • Using Video as a Teaching Tool for Fly Casting Instruction – Discover the skill and knowledge necessary to use a video camera as a teaching tool. You will learn about equipment, camera position, support equipment, and effective background and sun position.
  • Teaching Fly Casting – This class is for the non-certified fly club members that teach fly casting at club meetings, CFR, or PHW. Learn the basic skills and knowledge to successful teach fly casting
Continuous Casting Demonstration – We are so excited that this year we will have a casting area staffed continuously with Certified Casting Instructors showcasing world class casting. This is your opportunity to observe and ask questions in a very intimate setting. If you were ever awed by a fly tyer demonstration, we are sure you will be awed by the casting.

Casting Certification - Ever thought about becoming certified? Why not? The IFFF is the only national organization that offers a certification in casting. Click here to learn more about Casting Certifications.  On Friday there will be the Casting Certification testing. If you are interested contact Mary Ann Dozer at

Hope to see you at the NW Fly Fishing Expo.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Roadside Cleanup Last Saturday

Last Saturday, January 21, 2017 was a day of rain and on occasion no rain.  Later the sun tried to break through and that cheered things up quite a bit.  Greg Hart did a flawless job of organizing this event and it came off without a hitch other than the rain.  Here is a message from Greg.

Thanks again for the help on Saturday!
The names of the members who came out to help are as follows:
Jim Ferguson
Kirk Kowalke
Jack Patterson
Thomas Collett
Greg Hart
Richard Chambers
Harry Foster
Michael Smith
Bill Burns
Richard Fletcher
Thanks a lot for your work in the blog!
Greg Hart

The next cleanup will be April 28, 2017 Friday

Greg giving assignments

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Roadside Cleanup This Saturday

Rogue Flyfishers Highway 62 Cleanup

Highway 62 From Antelope Rd to Antelope Creek (2 miles).

Work Dates

January 21, 2017 Saturday

April 28, 2017 Friday

July 8, 2017 Saturday

October 13, Friday

Please meet at 9:00 am at the McDonalds on Highway 62 just south of Antelope Road on the West side of the highway.

Any questions, please call Greg Hart  530-643-3235

Thanks a lot for your help!

Some participants bring their waders, rod, and a sandwich to continue the day at the Holy Water.  It just seems like a good way to finish the day.

Albany, March 10 & 11th

Hello ORCIFFF Members,

We are less than two months from the Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo.  We have been busy and have a lot of updates to tell you about.

Fly Tyer Schedule
The tyer schedule has been posted on the website and can be found here -  There are many great tyers that will be attending this year.  One tyer to highlight is Oregon’s own Jim Ferguson.  Jim was awarded the Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award in August 2016.  This is the highest fly tying honor awarded by IFFF.  Jim is scheduled to tie on Saturday for the first two sessions.  He is also teaching a tying class – Atlantic Salmon Part III – Wings, Collars, Throats, Sides, Roofs & More.  Signup can be found here -

One of the main attractions at the Expo are the classes that are offered.  The classes are on the website and can be ordered now.  Hurry as the classes have limits to the number of participants.
Friday View -
Saturday View -

Reception Dinner
A reception dinner will be help on Friday night this year.  This special dinner only costs $5.00 to attend and has a limited number of tickets.  You can purchase your ticket here -  The Friday reception dinner will replace the Saturday banquet.  There will be an auction at the reception dinner.  There will also be a special fly box raffle – more details later.  There are also options to purchase packages that include raffle tickets and reception dinner tickets at a discount here -

The Expo would not be possible without volunteers.  Please consider signing up to be a volunteer for part of the Expo.  The signup is online -  All volunteers will receive Free Entrance to the Expo for both days, Expo Pin, 2 Beverage Tickets & 2 Raffle Tickets, a $30.00 value.

Thank you for your support,
Garren Wood

Website and Publicity Chair