Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Letter to the State Marine Board

A local Rogue River Stakeholder has written a letter to the Marine Board.  This person has shared it with us and urges other river users to also write letters about the reality of increasing jet boat traffic.  This persons identity has been protected.

June LeTarte
Rules Coordinator
435 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301

Dear Ms. LeTarte:

I am writing in regards to Proposed Rule 250-020-0151, Boat Operation in Jackson County.  I strongly support the petition submitted by local people to adopt a new rule to establish a special boat restriction zone for the Upper Rogue River-Boat Operations in Jackson County.  I am a retiree, living in the Rogue Valley, expressly for the purpose of fly fishing opportunities on the Rogue River.  I fish the river frequently and have observed the increased motorized and jet propelled traffic on the river.  I am mostly a “wading fly fisher” and find it more and more challenging to withstand the substantial wakes created by, in particular, speeding jet boats.  I’m not only concerned about my safety on the river, but also about the habitat being destroyed by these wakes and the “twirling” observed by the jet boats over Salmon and Steelhead Redds.

When I do use a boat, I use either a raft or a drift boat because of the minimal invasiveness on the habitat by both of these types of transportation.  I am very concerned that future generations have the opportunities that I enjoy, communing with nature.  I fear that continued allowance of jet boats, in particular, on the upper Rogue River will not only lead to a disastrous accident, but also to the loss of a beautiful, productive fishery that future generations will never have the opportunity to experience.  The River is already in need of substantial riparian improvements, due to the lack of action by State authorities to regulate the use of this beautiful stretch of water.

As noted above, I strongly support the petition submitted by the Rogue Fly Fishers and Riverfront owners to not only curtail, but eliminate the use of jet propelled boat traffic on the Upper Rogue River.  I would appreciate being informed of public hearings you might schedule in regard to this matter, and any additional information that you might generate in regards to making your decision.  If you have any questions of me, you can reach me at the email or telephone number noted, below.  

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

LNG Pipeline

Th current political climate gives the opportunity for the pipeline proposal to once again appear in our watershed.  The Rogue Riverkeeper staff is yet again leading the charge to stop it.  Here is their message.

Under the Obama administration, the federal government denied permits for the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, effectively shutting down the project for the third time. Now we will need the support of Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden to help ensure that that the project does not go through. Colorado legislators are pushing for this project’s revival as well as the Trump administration, that's why now it's more important than ever that our legislators hear our voice, stand for their constituents, and against the Trump energy agenda, which includes Jordan Cove. Ron Wyden has already spoken out against DAPL and Keystone XL but not Jordan Cove-- making this a critical issue to address.

This Thursday, February 23rd, we will rally together outside Senator Wyden’s town hall in Ashland to urge him to stand up for the climate, Oregon and Northern California by publicly opposing the project. We will be gathering to greet the Senator at 9:00 am on Thursday on the corner of Siskiyou Bvld. and S. Mountain Ave (near Ashland High School). Wear red and bring your best NoLNG signs!

We will be handing out talking points covering Senator Wyden’s stance on the Pipeline, what questions to ask, and other actions we want him to take to protect our climate.

WHAT: Rally against LNG - Wyden Town Hall
WHEN: 9:00 am Thursday the 23rd
WHERE: Ashland High School on the corner of Siskiyou Blvd. and S. Mountain Ave.

See you there!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Oregon State Marine Board Petition

The Rogue Flyfishers and a local landowner have petitioned the Marine Board to ban Jet Boats and Air Boats from the Rogue River starting from the bridge at Top Velle State Park going upstream to the dam.  The motivating factor is the safety of the river users with the increasing jet boat activity.  There are other concerns such as damage to fish and wildlife as well as the riparian areas.

Here is a link to the public notice that outlines how the process works going forward.   

Don't wait for someone else to do it, get your written comments in today, now, ASAP.

Here is a link to the actual petition.

High speed in a narrow channel

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February's News letter

          February's Newsletter is now available at 

              See you at the General Meeting
                 Wednesday, February 15