Saturday, January 27, 2018

Two Fly Tying Classes


Field & Stream, Medford Oregon
Fly Tying Programs – Beginning Class Info and Sign Up Sheet
Winter 2018

            Welcome to Beginning Fly Tying!  In the weeks to come we hope to take you step-by-step and introduce the basic elements and techniques to tie simple but effective fishing fly patterns.

            Since we have a very short time to cover a considerable amount of knowledge, it is important for you to bring the required tools, equipment and materials to each of the sessions.  You will receive a weekly schedule at that time and all future tools and materials will be discussed prior to the next class.
            I am providing the following information about the beginning class this year:

Dates:                    7 Tuesday nights starting 02/13/2018
Class time:                        6 pm to 9:00 pm
Place:                     Field & Stream, Medford Oregon (Fishing Department)

Fee:                       There is no fee. Those signed up for and starting the class will receive 20% off their purchases of fly tying materials and tools purchased from Field and Stream for the class.  Additionally, those completing the class will receive a one-time coupon for 20% of their next purchase of fly tying materials, tools, hooks and books.

Tools:  You will receive a separate email of all tools and materials needed to do the homework for your classes.  You can purchase the needed tools/materials prior to the first class or attend the first class (I will have tools for you to use in the first class).  You can then buy the items needed from Field & Stream (20% discount) and other local establishments to do the first week’s homework.

Please bring all tools and materials (and the ones I hand out) to each class!

Class 1:      Getting Started, Vice, Other Tools, Thread Mounting, Duck Quill Pinch
Class 2:      Working with Hair Types, Control vs Spinning Hair, Posting Wings and Tailing with Hair
Class 3:      Working with Hair, Spinning Hair Bodies
Class 4:      Nymphs and Dubbing Techniques
Class 5:      Floss Bodies, Tails and Peacock Herl
Class 6:      Hackle Types and Tying Techniques
Class 7:      Homework follow up and instructor to tie 3 complete flies (student’s choice – students to choose 3 flies they want to see tied) 

If you signup and cannot attend, please notify us right away (call F&S 541-772-0462 option 4, or Dave McCants 541-973-3508) so another person may take the class.


Rogue Fly Fishers - Intermediate Fly Tying

Location: Dave McCants tying den – 1884 Sonya Circle, Medford, OR 97505
Date: Each Thursday for 6 weeks starting February 15th, 2018 (6pm to 9pm)
Fee:   $0
Coffee provided, seating for me and 6 people, first come, first serve.  Contact Dave at 541-973-3508 or at to reserve a spot.  If you cannot make it for the class let me know right away as there are a limited number of spaces.

Class 1:          Catskill Fly’s (March Brown/Light Cahill/Quill Gordon)

Class 2:          Parachute Fly’s (March Brown/Adams/Blue Winged Olive)

Class 3:          Soft Hackle and No Hackle Fly’s (Partridge Orange & Yellow/Slate Gray No Hackle)

Class 4:          Classic Steelhead Flies (Jim Prey’s Thor / Boxcar)        

Class 5:          Stoneflies!

Class 6:          Midges for everyday use!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Highway 62 Clean Up Schedule for 2018

The First Highway 62 Litter Pickup Day
Friday, January 26th at 10:00 AM
All those attending are to meet at McDonald's in White City.  At that time you will be assigned a section to work on and be issued the necessary equipment.  

The times for meeting will vary with the season, but will all be at McDonald's.  Below is the schedule for the year.

April 20th  9:00 AM

July 27th   7:00 AM

October 19th   9:00 AM
Please join us if you can.  Our clean-up efforts have made quite a difference.         Greg Hart      Chairman

Friday, January 5, 2018

The January newsletter is now available on the Rogue Flyfishers Website

Find it at:

If you are planning on dining at the general meeting on Wednesday, January17, you must make a reservation.
Email or call: Steve Day

phone:  661-742-5835