Wednesday, May 29, 2019

RFF Auction Donors

2019 RFF Auction Donor

Here is the list of generous businesses and people who make donations to our most-successful auction.  They deserve a big thank you!!!
Bill Childress
Kaleidoscope Pizza
Temple Fork Outfitters
Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge
Rogue Valley Country Club
Rogue Valley Family Fun Center
Jack Patterson
RIO Products
Ledger David Winery
Oak Knoll Golf Course
Bill Ackerman
Market of Choice
Malcolm McNair
Irving Roberts Winery
Stewart Meadows
Dave Haight
Rogue Creamery
Rogue Valley Anglers
Earth Song Vineyard
Quail Point Golf Club
Steve Ostrander
Ray’s – Central Point
Keith Hardcastle
Daisy Creek Vineyard
Centennial Golf Club
Shelli’s Tans
John MacDiarmid
Barbwire Grill
Home Waters Fly Fishing
Pebblestone Cellars
Country Quilts
John Pogue
Field & Stream
Longsword Winery
Bruce & Sherry Barrow
Jake’s Wayback Burgers
Don Turcke
Devitt Winery
Kelly’s Automotive Service
Steve Day
Mucho Gusto
Hatch Outdoors
Del Rio Winery
Penzoil 10 Minute
Hazlett Fly Fishing
Kirk Kowalke
Common Block Brewing
Sawyer Paddles & Oars
Eliana Winery
Discount Tire
Charlie Costner
The Wharf
Dan Kellogg
Grizzly Peak Winery
Michael Smith
Wild River Pizza
Loon Outdoors
Willie Boats
Jim Ulm
The Butcher Shop
4 Seasons Marine
Chuck Huntington
Cowhorn Winery
Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Lava Lanes
Tom Wilson
Trader Joe’s
Ed’s Point S Tire
Dave McCants
Red Robin
Pro Spine & Sport
Jon Iverson
Ray’s – Eagle Point
Don & Stephanie Dabney
Olive Garden
Mike Masters
The Fly Shop
Susan Labiste
Red Lobster
Crystal Kaleidoscope
Country Willows Inn
Central Point Eyecare
Janet Rowe
Martin Insurance Agency
Greg Layton
Deschutes Anglers
Willow Creek
Eagle Point Golf Course
Bob Beanblossom
Wooldridge Creek Vineyard
Suzanne Rotz
Les Schwab Tires
Leslie Ajari
Standing Stone Brewing
Schmidt Family Vineyards
Troon Vineyards
John Mathews
Rosella’s Vineyard
Dagoba Chocolate
John Schwendener
American Industrial Door
Steve Haskell
The Fishing Hole
Ed Chance
Back Creek Pottery
Central Point Eyecare
Theresa Schumacher
Morning Glory Café
Matt Allen / RMF
Mount Shasta Resort
McCully House Inn
Ashland Fly Shop
Porters at the Depot
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Bud Bergstrom
David Faulkner
Bob Pierce
Bob Hunter
McGrath’s Fish House
Punky’s Diner
Deluxe Awning
Cathy Hamilton
Kasey Rolih
Harry & David
Sonja Nisson

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

ODFW Volunteer Opportunity

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) trains the people who participate in their fry trapping program to identify the fish in the local creeks and streams.  They have indicated a willingness to extend this class, which lasts about two hours, to any of the Rogue Fly Fishers club members who are interested in the subject.  They intend to schedule at least one class, but they would like to know the level of interest for this opportunity.  If you are interested in attending a free two-hour session taught by one of the biologists at ODFW, please let Bridget Worthington at ODFW know by emailing her at  She will contact you by email regarding the announcement for the class.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) manages fish traps on local streams and creeks to gather data on the trends in fish by general type (i.e., trout, steelhead, invasive species, etc.).  This information is very useful to them in their continuous activities associated with fly fishers and other fishers, and also is very good information for fly fishers.  The Rogue Fly Fishers has had numerous members participate and many continue to participate.   The Department has a specific trap located at the intersection of Sam’s Creek Road and Sam’s Creek Loop (in Sam’s Valley) that requires volunteer help.  This is an opportunity for club members to contribute a little time to our mission of conservation and, at the same time, assist ODFW in a very worthy cause.  If you are interested, please contact Bridget Worthington at ODFW ( and let her know of your interest. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

LNG Comment Writing Workshops

The LNG Battle is not over yet!!

Rogue River Keeper is conducting workshops on writing effective comments.  Free, of course.  Hope you can make it!!

Shady Cove - FERC Comment Writing Workshop
Sunday 5/19 3-5PM
Upper Rogue Community Center
22465 Oregon Hwy 62
Shady Cove, OR, 97539

Ashland - FERC Comment Writing Workshop
Wednesday 5/22 6-8PM
Ashland Bellview Grange
1050 Tolman Creek Road
Ashland, OR, 97520  

Monday, May 6, 2019

Why an Auction?


I volunteered to help with the 2018 auction at the very first meeting of the Rogue Flyfishers that I attended in January last year.  Having just moved to the Rogue Valley, I thought that would be a good way to meet some people and find out where to fish.  I had been pretty active in a couple of other fly-fishing clubs over the years and all of them had a fundraising auction for some reason or another.  As I learned more about our club and auction, I was astounded by the amount of money we raise and, even more, about the number of organizations we support with grants.
As I got more active in the club I learned about our commitment to spend at least 70% of the money raised during our auction on grants to support various community, conservation, education, and environmental organizations.  I learned about the fight against the LNG pipeline and how we’ve given grants to fight that.  I learned about the fight over the City of Medford wastewater treatment plant and our support to help with the lawsuit to get that cleaned up.  I knew a little about Project Healing Waters and their help for disabled veterans and was pleased to find out about support for that program.  I didn’t know anything about Casting for Recovery and their work with breast cancer survivors but our support for that organization is certainly worthwhile.  The list goes on and on – Rogue River Watershed, WaterWatch of Oregon, Rogue Riverkeeper, etc, etc, etc.  And then there are the education programs at local schools and at OSU that we support with grants.  From February 2018 through March 2019, we’ve given $ 14250.00 in grants.
None of this happens without the funds we raise at our auction.  So, if you want clean water in the Rogue River watershed, COME TO THE AUCTION!  If you don’t want to see an LNG pipeline crossing all the different streams, creeks, and rivers in southern Oregon, COME TO THE AUCTION!  If you want to support breast cancer survivors and disabled veterans, COME TO THE AUCTION!
If the things I mention above are of any importance to you, please come to the auction and support those efforts.  That’s why we have an auction.
Tim Bolling
Auction Chair