Tuesday, June 30, 2020

East Lake Outing Information

JULY 17-19, 2020
The Joint Rogue Flyfishers and Southern Oregon Fly Fishers, East Lake Outing is happening. There have been a couple of adjustments made to the normal itinerary due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Out of an abundance of caution, the Potluck BBQ, normally held on Saturday night and the Breakfast Burrito Event that morning, have been cancelled.
There will however, be chances to socialize and get together. Your Hosts, Steve Day and Keith Hardcastle are camping in space 29.  Space 29 is a short distance south of the main boat ramp in Cinder Hill Campground. We will be arriving a couple of days before the start of the Outing and hopefully we’ll have the fishing situation dialed in by the time most of you arrive. Feel free to stop by anytime, get the latest fishing information and say hi.
For those of you that didn’t or weren’t able to reserve a campsite, there is approximately 35 “First Come, First Served” sites available in Cinder Hill Campground. Last year during our outing there were numerous sites available. Get there early and scope it out.
In years past, indicator tactics have been very effective using chironomid patters in sizes 14 thru 18 in a variety of colors focused on blacks and reds. Small nymphs in sizes 14 thru 18 such as Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears also have worked very well as do small Balanced Leeches in black or brown
For those who prefer to strip or wind drift, small Leech patterns and Wolly Buggers sizes 10 thru 14 in blacks, browns and olives can be effective. Calibaetis, nymph patterns slow stripped on a floating line will often times produce very well.
For the dry fly fisherman, East Lake can offer incredible surface action during the prolific Calibaetis Mayfly hatches. Any representative pattern in the appropriate color and profile in sizes 14 thru 16 should work well.
For additional information regarding fishing and tactics, the East Lake Resort website, has very good information about the fishing at www.eastlakeresort.com. Fly and Field Outfitters also has great information on the fishing reports link found on their website at www.flyandfield.com. The information is updated regularly and it includes not only what’s happening fishing wise but also includes a list of effective fly patterns and tactics.
So, come on out! We’re looking forward to a great time!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Change - Umpqua Small Mouth Outing

For those of you planning on attending the Rogue Flyfishers’ outing to the Umpqua River tomorrow, June 20,  the river has risen significantly since yesterday morning, and the reports I have received have been that it has put the bass fishing off.  

I will still be at Diamond Home Improvement at 7:00 AM.  For those that still want to go on an outing, we will decide then if we want to go to the Umpqua River or go to Galesville Reservoir as an alternative.

David Haight, Outings Chair

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Outing to the Umpqua River

Outing to the Umpqua River 
With the easing of Coronavirus restrictions, the Board has decided to go ahead with the outing on June 20 to the Umpqua River to fish for smallmouth bass.  Obviously, anyone not feeling well should stay home, and participants should follow CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe.  We will meet in the parking lot of the Diamond Home Improvement store on 7th Street near the north I-5 interchange in Grants Pass at 7:00 AM and caravan from there.  Bass are extremely abundant in the mainstem Umpqua and South Umpqua and can provide fast action for anglers. Many of the fish tend to be small, but big ones are not uncommon.
We will float a section of the river just west of Sutherland between the Umpqua Landing and James Wood Boat Ramps.  This is generally a pretty easy float, but there are a few shallow, rocky riffles that require some maneuvering. Due to the Coronavirus, the club will not be arranging for places in boats, so participants should bring a driftboat, pontoon boat, raft, or other craft suitable for use on a river; or make their own arrangements for a ride.  For those that don’t feel comfortable or don’t have a boat suitable for running through rapids, it is possible to fish the big pool at Umpqua Landing with a float tube or small lake boat, entering and exiting the river at that one ramp.
A five or six-weight rod is ideal for the smallmouth bass in the Umpqua. An intermediate or slow-sinking line is most useful, but also bring a floating line if you want to fish surface flies. Straight 8 to 10-pound monofilament is adequate for a leader. A wide variety of flies will work, but Woolly Buggers, Clouser Minnows, and small streamers are generally top producers.  If conditions are right, small poppers can produce some exciting action. Olive, brown, and yellow are typically good colors.  Small, brown over yellow or olive over white Clouser Minnows are often a very effective.
In addition to the bass, there will be shad in the river during our trip.  If you are interested in trying for them, bring a seven or eight-weight outfit with a fast-sinking shooting head and some shad flies.  Be sure to also bring food, plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, life vest and all your usual fishing and boating gear.
The smallmouth bass fishery in the Umpqua River can be a great destination for fly fishers during the summer. If you have not fished the Umpqua for bass, come give it a try. If you have, come spend a fun day fishing with your fellow club members.  
David Haight, Outings Chair

Friday, June 5, 2020

Newsletter available

Rogue Flyfishers

The newsletter for June, 2020 is now available.

Find it at:  rogueflyfishers.org